The area for this development Cabecas is located within (1.0 km-0.62 miles) of the small village of Chaos. Positioned towards the top of the highest hill in the area, the site is blessed with panoramic views. Standing in acres of olive groves, walnut and protected cork trees the area is ideal for those who love peace and tranquillity.

With the development limited to two villas alone exclusivity will be assured. Nearest small town Chaos (1.0km / 0.62miles) with a number of small local shops. Nearest major town is the world heritage town of Tomar(15.0km / 9.3miles).

The two villas that make up the Cabecas development exude a particular brand of minimalism that will not fail to impress on a myriad of physical and physiological levels.

Externally with its play on rough textures, angular forms, timber and concrete panels, large expanses of frameless glass, water with its play on reflections and refractions the villa reaches a strange effortless resonance with the environment on all levels.

Internally, with its use of split and stretched volumes, atypical levels, polished materials in cool neutral palettes, forms contrast beautifully with the more weathered exterior textures. The way the scheme brings the outside in and opens the interior volumes up to the landscape and climate beyond are among its more clever achievements.

Harmonising in colour, contrasting in shape the design seeks to pay homage to local vernacular but not restrained by it.

Prices range from €460,000 - €880,000.

Villa 1
4 beds
Villa 2
6 beds